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Training Yearlings: Schools of thought around the world

For the sake of this article pre-training will be considered to be the safe development of a young horse towards its first joining a trainer or returning from a break not enforced by injury, as opposed to rehabilitation. The American…Read More

Racehorse training machine the KurtSystem catches the eyes of top UK trainers

It looks like a theme park ride, whizzing around a track.But the KurtSystem is no roller coaster. There are no surprise turns or sudden changes of speed. And the horses inside the cars seem entirely unfazed by the ‘ride’.The machine…Read More

HORSE SENSE: The future of pre-training horses?

The Kurtsystem rail technology allows up to 10 horses to be exercised simultaneously, without riders OVER the past 20 years Mehmet Kurt, one of Turkey’s leading industrialists and entrepreneurs, has been developing a new horse training system that is designed to…Read More

Kurt vision a boost for valley – and even Pipe seems sweet on it

“It is hard to disagree with Newbury MP Richard Benyon who described the project as a huge vote of confidence in the village”Racing has a reputation for being a conservative sport and change is not always welcomed, so it was…Read More

Mehmet Kurt’s hi-tech track is new breed of racehorse trainer

Forget the jockey or the owner, the next racecourse winner could be trained by a machine. A mile-long loop powered by monorail and designed by a Turkish tycoon is about to revolutionise how horses are trained.The £20 million device at…Read More

Lambourn’s new ‘Kurtsystem’ has the potential to revolutionise horse racing

With it’s ribbed green canopy like a giant snake poking above the hedgerows on the entrance to one of racing’s best known training centres, the latest edition to Lambourn’s landscape is certainly eye-catching.It has also got plenty of people talking.From…Read More

The future of racing? New £20m machine puts horses through their paces

Young racehorses are being put through their paces in Berkshire, but it’s not jockeys who are doing the training, instead it’s a machine designed by rollercoaster engineers.While the Kurtsystem may look like something from a theme-park, at £20 million it…Read More

Mehmet Kurt’s £40 million system set to launch in Lambourn

A racehorse owner has devised a bespoke pre-training system to help prevent injury to his runners when they move into full training.Mehmet Kurt, whose silks have been carried to success in two Turkish Derbys, developed a prototype on his farm…Read More

Horse ‘monorail’ targets training revolution

Contractor faces once-in-a-lifetime challenge to deliver a futuristic scheme that could revolutionise UK racehorse training.Scheme: Kingwood Stud Equine Training TrackClient: Kurt Systems UKArchitect: Sutton Griffin, part of Carter JonasMain contractor: Raymond BrownDrive cabin/running gear supplier: Mack RidesHorse cars supplier: Revolve…Read More