Mehmet Kurt

Mr Kurt has a passion for the well being of all horses, particularly those within his care.


Born on 1 January 1947, in Ceyhan, Turkey, Mehmet Kurt is the son of Mehmet Kurt, who was Ceyhan’s most significant and well known community leader and landowner.Due to his father’s untimely death, Mehmet Kurt assumed the leadership of the family businesses at the age of 21. He recognised immediately that his community needed employment, and he was responsible for the construction of three factories in Ceyhan, operating in the textiles and confectionery sectors. These were the first privately owned factories in this underdeveloped province of Turkey.

Mehmet Kurt then moved to Istanbul where he built up his operations to export Ceyhan sourced cotton products to both Western and Eastern Europe. He also diversified the family enterprise into media, construction, energy, chemicals, defence, medical and the real estate sectors.

Mehmet Kurt has always had an affinity with the thoroughbred and has experienced success as a owner and breeder in Turkey, twice winning the Turkish Derby. His first triumph came in 1992 with ‘the Best’ and was followed in 1999 by ‘Bartrobal’.

A Revolution in Racehorse Training

Over the past 20 years, Mehmet Kurt, has developed and perfected a new horse training system that prepares horses for racing. His innovation, KurtSystem, develops the horses muscle and tendons by training them on a conventional all weather track, but with horses safely harnessed into a specialised ‘car’, which moves on a mono-rail system. Each ‘car’ reads vital health signs such as heart pace and respiratory behaviour. This high-tech system ensures that the horses are brought on ‘injury free’, as it removes jockey error from the training of young racehorses, the primary cause of injury.

The Kurtsystem prototype was installed on his farm in Turkey in the early 2000s and has been continually improved and developed for the last decade. The latest generation of the Kurtsystem will be installed at Kingwood Stud over the next 18 months.