Daniele Camuffo, General Manager

Daniele was appointed as General Manager at Kingwood Stud and Kurtsystems in August 2016.

Daniele has been passionate about horse welfare and training over the past thirty years, having been brought up by a father who was previously the manager of the Italian Jockey Club. He began his equestrian career at the age of 20 whilst undertaking military service in Italy as a Cavalry officer in the Cavalry Regiment 4th Genoa, later rising to the rank of Captain. During this period, he participated in the Military Riding Championships, coming second place out of four hundred participants.

After leaving the military he went on to work as Assistant Trainer to Count Vittorio di San Marzano, training a number of world-wide renowned race horses, and won many group races. He has since worked at a number of prominent European yards.

Daniele is also a keen horse breeder, and has spent the past ten years breeding horses in Istanbul at Mehmet Kurt’s Training Centre as a General Manager. His vast knowledge and international experience will be an important asset to the management of Kingwood Stud.

Katrina Warrender, Head Groom

Following riding lessons as a child, Katrina has now worked within the stud and racing industry for over 25 years. Having attended agricultural college on leaving school, she started on a small stud and has developed her knowledge of the breeding operations alongside stints working in a racing yard.

She has been at Kingwood Stud for more than ten years and has considerable experience with both mares & foals and also with stallions. Among the stallions previously in her care were Aflora, Fairmix, Grape Tree Road, Termion & Rakaposhi King. At Kingwood, she is now responsible for the main care of the mares and foals and brings her skills in foaling to the fore during the season.

Chris Harris, General Maintenance and Stud Groom

Growing up in Lambourn, it was almost inevitable that Chris would get involved in racing. Chris’s equestrian career began in the 1980s when he worked for Anthony Jones as a yardman. In 1998 he started working as a groom for Brian Meehan, travelling across the UK to attend races with the horses he trained.

Since 1998, Chris has worked in a number of yards in Lambourn, including those of David Arbuthnot and John Hills, where he assisted with general horse maintenance and training. Since June 2016, he has worked at Kingwood Stud as a General Maintenance and Stud Groom.

Arthur Cripps, Stud Maintenance & Groundsman

Arthur has lived in the village of Lambourn for 50 years and is the longest serving member of the team at Kingwood, having been here for almost 25 years. His children, grandchildren and great grandchild were all born and raised in the village, and Arthur is a well known figure within the local community. As Groundsman, Arthur is responsible for the upkeep of the estate and keeps it in pristine condition.

There aren’t many things that Arthur doesn’t know about Kingwood and is our own “foundation of all knowledge”.